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Conditional Fields

May 8, 2022

Make your forms simple and easy-to-complete by making certain fields conditional, so that they only appear when they are needed.

Fields can appear conditionally based off of the following fields:

  • Dropdown fields 
  • Single Choice fields 
  • Checkboxes fields

If you have any of these fields in your form, you will see a 'Required' toggle and a 'Conditional' toggle under all the fields in the form. 

Setting Up Conditional Fields

  • Enable the Conditional toggle 
  • Fill out the following boxes:
    • If this field: 
      • This is where you will choose which field you are basing the condition off of
    • With this condition:
      • Decide if you want the condition to be based off of a certain answer being selected, or certain answers not being selected
    • Value(s):
      • Enter in the value that will decide whether or not the field appears 
      • You can enter in multiple values, just make sure to match cases and separate each value with a comma!

Next Steps

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