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Form Field Templates

May 8, 2022

Why create each field manually when we've already done the hard work for you? Choose from 450+ pre-built form field combinations (ex: name, phone, address, etc.) in English and Spanish.

Form field templates make customizing forms so much easier, because they come with formatting, validations, and conditionals pre-built. And best of all, they're based on industry standards!

When adding a field to a form, simply click Choose from Form Field Templates, and select the template you want you use.

Note, fields in a Form Field Template are configured as a set, specifically:

  • If Required is enabled, all requirable fields in the Form Field Template will be required. Non-requirable fields (ex: Address2) cannot be set to be required.
  • If Conditional is enabled, all fields in the Form Field Template will be shown based on the condition

You are not able to customize each field in a Form Field Template individually.

Next Steps

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Make your forms simple and easy-to-complete by making certain fields conditional, so that they only appear when they are needed.

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Want to customize your forms quickly without having to create every field from scratch? Here's how to use the pre-built Form Field Templates in Pipeline. Available in English and Spanish!